Attending a Conference? How Your Company Can Stand Out


Attending a Conference? How Your Company Can Stand Out

Conferences. They are great for education and fabulous for networking. Anyone who has been to a large conference has found value in them. But what are you doing to take it to the next level?

We recently went to the Inc. Magazine 5000 Conference in San Antonio, Texas. Our client, Approyo was featured in the publications 5,000 list. While our client had an opportunity to network with the attendees, we wanted him to get the most out his experience there. So here’s what we did.

Focus on Others
I want you to think about what can you offer to others. Not your service, not your product. What you can an offer is your distribution, your marketing team, and your public relations team. We reached out to all of the speakers at the conference and invited them to take part in a five-minute video interview with Chris Carter, the CEO of Approyo.

We told them that we wanted to highlight their story about being an entrepreneur. We also told them that the video would be pushed out on Appr0yo’s social media along with their marketing and public relations agencies outlets. In addition, they would have the entire video to distribute on their channels.

The response was phenomenal! The speakers were thrilled that Approyo wanted to feature them in a video interview. From the speaker’s perspective, this is great public relations for them and a video interview that they can use to promote themselves. And, it’s free to them!

The Buzz
We were doing the interviews in an area where thousands of people were and generated a ton  interest. People were asking what we were doing and the response was amazing. Just from doing that, we had interest from more attendees to be featured in the videos.

Capture the Moment
We were constantly on social media and doing Facebook Live’s. We wanted Approyo’s followers to experience what the CEO was. They got an inside look into what was happening, the interviews, the excitement, the speakers, the gala…everything.

It’s all About Snapchat
Approyo designed and purchased a Snapchat geofilter around the conference area. Whenever the thousands of attendees took a Snapchat, they could use Approyo’s filter. Do you know who else had a filter for the conference? Only one other company. A convention center filled with young entrepreneurs who are documenting every move on Snapchat, now that’s a win for Approyo.

A combination of a good public relations and social media strategy is all you need to set yourself apart from the competition at conferences like these. Don’t be another number. Stand out and make an impact in your industry.



About Alison Podworski

Alison Podworski has always been fascinated by the news; watching it, reporting it and now pitching it. Alison began her career in the television news industry right out of college in New York and quickly moved up in the Springfield, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island television markets. She covered everything from the September 11th terrorist attacks to Presidential campaigns. Alison later transitioned into the marketing and public relations side by working with clients in industries from banking and insurance to medicine. Alison also worked with ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover Suffield, CT edition in planning the cast and crew after party. Through hard work and experience in the news industry, Alison garnered national, regional and local press for clients. In 2014, Alison opened Alison May Public Relations, a boutique public relations firm specializing in PR and social media. Through her experience in the news industry and corporate world, Alison continues to garner national, regional and local press for clients. A native of Western Massachusetts, Alison lives locally with her husband and three beautiful young girls.

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