A Message to Mothers: Stop Feeling Guilty


A Message to Mothers: Stop Feeling Guilty

This is not your usual public relations blog. In fact, it has nothing to do with public relations. But, as a mother and business owner, I felt compelled to write this to the moms out there.

Many of the below statements come from my personal feelings as a working mom who has been traveling quite frequently. I have conversations with friends every day who are all in different places in their lives. Whether they are working moms or stay-at-home moms, the common theme is the same – guilt. I hope that there will be a time when we all don’t have this overwhelming guilt about being a good mom. Hopefully, this helps.

To the mom who yells at her children because they’ve had enough…it’s okay.

To the mom who buys store bought cupcakes for their child’s birthday because they didn’t have time to make homemade ones…it’s okay.

To the mom who misses a couple of soccer games…it’s okay.

To the mom who hires a housekeeper or a nanny…it’s okay.

To the mom who gives their children the iPad because they need to shower or do dishes…it’s okay.

To the mom who forgot to pack their child’s lunch…it’s okay.

To the mom who goes in the closet to cry because they say yes to everyone and over commit…it’s okay.

To the mom who finally says no…it’s okay.

To the mom who goes to the gym and gives their children cereal for dinner…it’s okay.

To the mom who takes extra long showers to avoid changing a diaper…it’s okay.

To the mom who has to travel for their job and doesn’t see their children for a couple of days…it’s okay.

To the mom who stays up at night with overwhelming guilt because they work…it’s okay.

To the mom who is home all day with their children and doesn’t want to play another game of hide and seek…it’s okay.

To the mom who dreams of running away…it’s okay.

To the mom who questions if she is a good mom…You are.


About Alison Podworski

Alison Podworski has always been fascinated by the news; watching it, reporting it and now pitching it. Alison began her career in the television news industry right out of college in New York and quickly moved up in the Springfield, Massachusetts and Providence, Rhode Island television markets. She covered everything from the September 11th terrorist attacks to Presidential campaigns. Alison later transitioned into the marketing and public relations side by working with clients in industries from banking and insurance to medicine. Alison also worked with ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover Suffield, CT edition in planning the cast and crew after party. Through hard work and experience in the news industry, Alison garnered national, regional and local press for clients. In 2014, Alison opened Alison May Public Relations, a boutique public relations firm specializing in PR and social media. Through her experience in the news industry and corporate world, Alison continues to garner national, regional and local press for clients. A native of Western Massachusetts, Alison lives locally with her husband and three beautiful young girls.

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