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Who We Are

We are a full-service public relations company with more than twenty years of media experience. Our team consists of former journalists, authors, and award winning professionals. We have spent years establishing relationships with journalists around the world and do what everyone else is not doing. We are storytellers. We get your story told.

Meet Alison

Alison Maloni is the CEO of Alison May Public Relations. The former journalist was born to be a storyteller. Alison is an acclaimed keynote speaker, moderator, and media relations expert. The CEO and President of Alison May Public Relations is a well-respected publicist among reporters, producers, and editors around the world because of her understanding of what journalists want and need.

Alison emphasizes the importance of using social and digital media to deliver the message. She is not afraid to tell it like it is and pushes companies to do what everyone else is not doing. Her belief that confidence is key allows her to stand out among her competitors, along with her willingness to be bold.

The former journalist is the host of the online show called The Hustle. The show features entrepreneurs, politicians and inspirational people who are working hard to make a difference in the world.

Alison is an extremely proud mother of three young girls who inspire her everyday to be a better person. The business owner is very vocal about the real challenges of being a working mom, while sharing her own solutions that have helped her maintain a work/life balance.
Alison has been featured in Time Magazine, Daily Worth, Reputation Management, and on Dr.Oz.

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Ashley Brodeur

Owner of Active Lifestyle Fitness

Knowing that Alison was interested in health and fitness, I asked if she would be interested in helping me with some marketing/PR for my fitness business. I have lots of ideas but have the common small business owner problem of being pulled in too many directions to make most of my ideas a reality. Alison has solved that problem for me and brought so much more to the table. She pitches ideas to me, and me to her, then she runs with it. She really takes the time to hear and understand the message I want to send. Within 6 weeks of working with Alison, she had already created a campaign and gotten me a radio and television interview. Within 3 months of working with Alison, we had our busiest month since we opened 3 years ago! Alison is a hustler and always does what is best for her clients.

Kyle Reyes

CEO of The Silent Partner Marketing

As a former producer turned marketing guy...I've got my pick of PR firms to work with. But Alison May takes the cake. Her in-depth expertise of the needs of the media...balanced with the demands of her clients...brings a unique understanding of the world of Public Relations to the table. Alison May Public Relations goes above and beyond the call of duty, effectively serving two masters - the media and the clients - with a professionalism and charisma that helps her raise the bar for every PR firm out there.

Chris Carter

CEO Approyo

Alison May Public Relations has been an incredible asset to Approyo and myself. With her hard work and efforts, we have garnered tremendous media coverage and support since we brought her and her team on board. Without her, we would not be as successful as we are today.

Brenda Sjoberg

Professor at WNE

Alison moves her audience to act by sharing cutting-edge tips and techniques in PR everyone should hear and practice. She provides great insight on how to get a business or nonprofit in the media in an enlightening and entertaining lecture.