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Alison is a leading expert in branding, public relations, and media training.
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She is a publicist, contributor, and anchor for a national news outlet with over 20 years of experience in the news industry.
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Breaking in the News. Build Buzz for Your Brand

What if, one morning, you opened your email to a request from an editor at Forbes and they wanted to interview you about your company? What if you have the opportunity to be on the news as an expert?

It all could happen because you took a few hours to find the contacts, craft a pitch, and reach out to the media. You don’t need to pay thousands of dollars a year to a public relations agency. Getting press coverage can be done yourself; you just need to know what it takes to be newsworthy.

Breaking in the News. Build Buzz for Your Brand reveals how the media works and what journalists are looking for. The book explains how to get featured in magazines, podcasts, and television news. In this book, Alison teaches you the best ways to prepare for your media interview, how to establish relationships with journalists, and how to get. the media to call you back for interviews.

You will hear from experts in the news industry, publicists, and business owners who have used public relations to build their personal brands and companies.  Breaking in the News. Build Buzz for Your Brand breaks down how to get the media’s attention when they are receiving hundreds of pitches a day, what to wear, how to look like a pro during the interview and how to maximize the most out of your media exposure to raise brand awareness.

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