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While working in the wonderful but crazy world of Public Relations, it’s hard to figure out exactly what works and what doesn’t, at least right away. You spend time working with many different clients trying to master the best techniques to benefit them.

It can be frustrating to not always have success stories about getting your clients the specific press that you both wanted, or not always hearing back from reporters.

It’s overwhelming at times to focus on all the different clients you have, equally.

There are a few key lessons I have learned along the way that have helped me tackle the life of a successful PR specialist.

1. Each client is different

It can be challenging working with a variety of clients who work in so many different fields. Techniques that work for one client may not do anything for another. It is important to be open to an array of strategies to help grow each of your companies and get them the press most relevant to them.

It’s hard to focus on each client and make sure you are giving them all the attention that they need. That’s why it is important to have a plan for each of your clients, and treat each one individually. If you do it that way, it lowers the risk of grouping all your clients together as if they are all the same.

2. Social Media is your best friend

By far one of the most useful tools in PR is social media. It’s easy to keep track of and gives you so many connections you may not have had otherwise. Whether it is for reporters or people with similar interests as your client, these platforms will allow you to gain contact. 

3. Crisis plans are key

You may not ever need to use it, but it is more than crucial that there is a crisis plan in the back of your mind. Most crises can be dealt with, if they are handled the right way.

So, be willing to try different strategies and constantly keep your mind open to new, creative ideas for clients.