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I have to admit that when Kyle Reyes of The Silent Partner Marketing told me to get on Snapchat, I was apprehensive. I thought it was just for teenagers and twenty-something-year-olds to share pictures. But, I was clearly wrong and I’m now telling all of my clients to get on board. Here’s why.

Why Snapchat?
Snapchat is being called one of the hottest platforms for brands. It’s being used by 100 million people on a daily basis and those numbers continue to grow. The five-year-old messaging app is being used by big brands like McDonalds, General Electric, and Cocoa Cola. Not only are businesses using it, but according to an article in The Cut, MOMS are on the social media platform.

Don’t Make Excuses

Now I know what many of you are thinking, “I don’t have time for that or my customers are not on it yet.” Let me ask you this – do you have a couple extra minutes in the day? Do you want to rise above your competition? Do you want your business to succeed? Are you with me yet? Chances are that your customers are on it. If they aren’t, this gives you the opportunity to educate them about why they should be.

This past week when I told my friend and business owner, Michelle Scibelli of Gasoline Alley The Salon about Snapchat. In between making
my hair beautiful, she immediately created a profile for her salon. Once she was on there she was amazed at how many of her staff members were on it. She was also surprised to find that many of her friends had a profile. Many of them are in their 30’s and 40’s!  Again, proof that it’s not just for teenagers. Make sure to follow them @GasolineAlley.

It’s Your Story
Snapchat is a great way to strengthen your brand by showing your “stories.” Think of it as a day in the life of your company. You can take people behind the scenes with 15-second video’s and pictures. You will want to do this throughout the day. Those who follow you get an inside look at what happens at your company. People LOVE being able to see things that they normally wouldn’t.

Make sure you involve your employees, your friends, and your customers. And, most importantly offer value. What tips can you provide?
What can you show your clients that will help them? If you are a hair salon, show how to get the perfect curl with a curling iron. If you are a chef, make a quick appetizer.  And don’t forget to have fun with it.

What Are You Waiting For?
Let’s get back to my business partner who initially told me to get on Snapchat. During the first two weeks that Kyle was sharing his story called “The Life of an Entrepreneur,” he received more than 10 leads. That is all from him being real, offering advice and showing people what it’s like in the marketing world. If that isn’t a good enough reason to get on Snapchat, I don’t know what else is.

Are you on board yet? If you want to see what Snapchat is all about, follow Kyle @dasilentpartner and myself @AlisonMayPR for a unique look at media interviews, client meetings, happy hours, business trips and much more. Speaking of business trips, I can guarantee that you are going to want to see what I have on tap next week. Let’s just say that it involves some very well known folks in politics. Now, go sign up for Snapchat.