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It’s the fastest growing social media platform out there, but many companies are hesitant to jump on board with it. I’m talking about Snapchat. By some estimates, the app has more than 200 million monthly active users.

Was it originally used to send provocative pictures that disappear in ten seconds? Yes. Do people still use it for that purpose? I’m sure they do. But, that is not Snapchat’s purpose now, at least for businesses. In fact, multi-billion dollar companies are using it every day and getting great press for it.

As a publicist, I believe that if a company is using Snapchat effectively, they are in the lead both in the marketing and media world. Remember, public relations is not just about television and print exposure. It is about public exposure. It’s about doing what everyone else is not doing. It’s about telling your story on different platforms and getting the word out on how you are doing it.

Storytelling is key. Don’t just talk it, live it. I tell stories every day on Snapchat. From public relations tips to behind the scenes at media interviews, the green room at network new outlets and video shoots. I show my followers things that they normally wouldn’t see. It’s real. It’s raw and it’s engaging.

There are number of international companies who are brilliant enough to embrace this new social media platform. They know Snapchat is where their customers are and they are not afraid of it. They are doing just the opposite of their competitors and embracing it. Guess who is getting all the press for it?

One company who recently launched their Snapchat app is beyond excited to engage with their current and future customers. Tacori Jewelry has only been up on Snapchat for a little over a month and they are doing everything right.

You may know the name Tacori when you think of the most beautiful jewelry settings around. I recall ripping a Tacori wedding band picture of out a magazine. This is before Pinterest…yes, I am dating myself.

The international jeweler recently launched their Snapchat account last month.

They are one of the few jewelry lines in the world to be on the social media platform. I can guarantee others will follow. What a smart public relations move. Not only does this put them in the potential spotlight for industry related articles, but their loyal customers will have another channel to follow them and see behind the scenes.

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Michelle Adorjan says that it made perfect sense for them to be on the platform, it’s where their customers are. She says that it allows Tacori, a family owned company to show their personality and capture who Tacori is in an “unfiltered” way. Tacori’s customers have an opportunity to see what many have not and will not on other social media outlets.

Another brand who is reaping the public relations rewards for being on Snapchat is Ben and Jerry’s. Earlier this year, they put out on social media that they would be announcing their two new flavors. But if you wanted to know the mouthwatering flavors, you would have to follow them on Snapchat. That was the only place where they would make the announcement. PR geniuses. Guess who made national news previewing the announcement? Yup.

If you are looking for some creative contests and food snaps, you will want to follow McDonald’s. The restaurant chain snapped out pictures of LeBron James and behind-the-scenes commercial footage with other athletes like NFLers Richard Sherman and Johnny Manziel, as well as creative food snaps and contests. Fans get a unique look at their favorite athletes—who also happen to be in a McD’s spot—is a simple way to add value to its social presence.

When you are looking to see some of the most outrageous marketing you must follow The Silent Partner Marketing at DaSilentPartner. The firm, led by Kyle Reyes is not just doing things outside the box, they are lighting the box on fire and showing it to everyone. Every day the CEO showcases a day in the life of an entrepreneur. He also gives tips and tricks and takes you behind the scenes of filming, client meetings, and trips.

Snapchat is so new to businesses that many are just figuring out. I’m going to let you in on what we have been doing for our clients. You can design custom Snapchat geo filters. They can include your logo, a message, and an image. Imagine that you are trying to capture your target audience at an event, you can buy a radius of where the event is for a designated amount of time. Anytime someone uses Snapchat at that event as they swipe through the filters, your designed filter will come up and they can use it. Your message is getting in front of thousands of potential new customers. You are creating a public perception of your brand and your beliefs.

Tacori, Ben and Jerry’s, McDonalds and The Silent Partner Marketing are doing everything right with their marketing and public relations.

Other brands that are rocking the social media app are – Gatorade and Marriott. I highly recommend that you follow them and take a close look at what they are doing to be successful in the PR world.

How are you using Snapchat? We would love to hear your success stories. Share them with us and we’ll encourage everyone to follow you!