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Thousands of interns will spend their time filing papers and fetching coffee for the staff, but not for every student. This January, a group of young, enthusiastic students will be taking part in some of the competitive internship programs in the country. The application process is extremely difficult, but if chosen- these interns will have the opportunity to be involved in the most valuable, challenging and educational work.

We’ve compiled a list on five of the most competitive internship programs and found out what it takes to get in the door.

The social media giant takes the top spot in highest rated companies for internships in 2015, according to Glassdoor. Former interns reveal that Facebook’s company culture is superb and that it embraces creativity. They say that they felt like they were part of the team and that their opinion mattered. Want to intern at Facebook? Get noticed by a Facebook recruiter, build up your coding portfolio and know how to code.

It’s no surprise that Google makes this list.  Google interns praise the laid back atmosphere, where they have the opportunity to work with staff of every level, work on projects, take advantage of free food and games, all while receiving a paycheck. Google gets 40,000 internship applications for the summer’s 1,500 slots. So how do you land an internship? Experts say one of the best things you can do is have an online presence. If you are a design major, have a portfolio. If you are in marketing, start blogging. Secondly, experts say if you are referred by a fellow Googler, your chances are higher. Don’t know one? Figure out a way. Use social media. Attend networking events. Do what everyone else is not doing.

Proctor & Gamble
The multinational manufacturer has potential interns dying to get in the door. Like at Google, interns at P&G can interact with upper-level management, work in a friendly corporate culture and receive extensive training. The Cincinnati-based consumer giant also pays their interns around $3997 a month! Candidates go through a series of interviews, including math tests. If you want to score an internship at P&G make sure to brush up on your math skills.

Potential interns are vying for a coveted position at the digital wireless telecommunications company. QualComm has a very flexible schedule, encourages intern innovation and has a fantastic mentoring program. Another plus is their beautiful campus located in San Diego. Past interns say one of the best ways to prepare for an interview is to study the questions on GlassDoor. One former intern says that he was asked some of the same exact questions on GlassDoor’s site.

The Silent Partner Marketing
The Silent Partner Marketing is one of the fastest grown marketing agencies in the country. The nationwide firm is know for their outrageous marketing and work with multi-million dollar companies. The Silent Partner Marketing IS the agency that thousands of interns are dying to be a part of.  Interns who are lucky enough to get in the door work on strategies for clients, sit alongside the firm’s President and CEO and use some of the most cutting-edge technology.

Internships at The Silent Partner are highly coveted. “Last year we had well over a 1,000 people inquiring about our internship program and we selected two,” says Kyle Reyes, President and CEO.

The Silent Partner’s philosophy is that if interns can find a way to apply then they are among the top 2% of internship applicants within the company.

Well, we found the secret application! If you have the drive, creativity, passion and want to intern for one of the top marketing firm’s in the country, click here.

A warning, if you are lazy, disengaged, boring, oversleep, entitled and expect gold stars when you show up. You need not apply.  You will not survive. Good luck!