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Are you blabbing? If so, congratulations you are ahead of the game. Blab is that latest live-streaming video platform that is quickly taking off. I guarantee that within the next 6 months you will be hearing a LOT about Blab.

Blab allows you to host your own live video show with up to four people engaging at the same time from anywhere in the world.  The show’s host has control of who is in the other three seats, but anyone can tune in and send in their questions for the group to answer.  From fashion and food to marketing and public relations, you can blab about whatever you are passionate about.

What I love about Blab is that it is an online talk show with an audience participation. For some reason when more people are involved in a conversation it takes the intimation factor out.  Unlike Periscope and MeerKat, Blab is used on your desktop.  And for many, it’s given them their first chance to actually ‘meet’ and have actual conversations with social media connections in person.

This is a great opportunity for experts to give their advice, interact with other industry leaders and provide value to their clients and customers.

From a public relations standpoint, this is fabulous. Blab is another way to get your message out there by showing your expertise and storytelling.  Invite your customers on the show. Interact with the community organizations that you are working with.  Be creative. The opportunities are endless!

Now that you know what Blab’s about, make sure to watch our first broadcast. “Building Your Brand Through Public Relations and Marketing” debuts tomorrow at 12pm. Kyle Reyes of The Silent Partner Marketing and I will be chatting about the newest trends in public relations and social media. We would LOVE to hear from you!

If you can’t tune in, no worries.  The broadcast will be saved so you can watch it at your convenience. Make sure to tune in tomorrow. See you then!