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Recently I’ve been writing a number of blogs on work/life balance. As my business grows and the family demands increase, I am constantly seeking to find a balance. Today’s Friday Favorites is all about what’s been working to keep me centered (minus a weekly glass of wine or two.)

Running = Therapy
I call running my therapy. I pound the pavement a couple times a week. If I don’t lace up my sneakers on a regular basis, I will probably go insane. There is something about running that lets you escape.  It allows you to think, plan and reflect. I do my best thinking as the sun rises behind me.  I personally think it is the best medicine for anger, sadness or anxiety. For that half hour, it’s all about me and my thoughts. Maybe it’s the fresh air or the endorphins, but it makes me feel alive and centered.

Go Green
Since January, I’ve been trying to eat as whole as possible. Of course I cheat, more often than I would like. But, I make it a point to get as many real foods into my diet as I can.  Costco just started carrying Suja Essentials. It is an organic fresh pressed green juice that is pretty tasty. It has everything from cucumber, spinach, kale and mint to ginger. I start off my morning with a glass of this stuff and it just makes me feel good. If you feel good physcially then it will help with your mind as well. For $8.00, it’s worth a try.

My Loves
Lastly, my three beautiful girls are what keep going and grounded. When I start to doubt myself or feel overwhelmed, I look at them and everything else seems so minimal. They are the reason why I work so hard. They are the reason why I take care of my body. They are the reason why I find it extremely important to find a work/life balance. They are MY role models.

I would love to hear what keeps you balanced. Please share you tips and thoughts on this.

Have a wonderful weekend!