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Have you ever called someone and when they don’t answer, you text them? How about if you send an email, then you send a text saying, I just emailed you?I’m guilty of both of these things and being a “little” impatient.

I thought about this the other day when I was setting up a couple of media interviews. When more then 5 minutes passed after I had called and texted, I began to panic. Why haven’t they gotten back to me? The media is waiting. I’m waiting.

The News Wants it Now
The media works on deadlines. There are NO exceptions. When the media calls to conduct an interview, it typically needs to happen that day, within a short window of time. If you can’t do the interview within their schedule, chances are you are not getting interviewed. And, there’s even a better chance that they will interview your competition!  Not only do journalists cover multiple stories a day, but they have to have them written within hours, sometimes minutes of conducting the interview.

Your Publicist Needs it Now
The publicist is the middle man. From pitching the story to the media to coordinating the interview, the media turns to the publicist for many things.

When the news team calls, we need to get back to them within minutes, not hours. Your PR team spends hours researching, writing and pitching you to the media. If the media wants to do a story on you, make it happen. Reschedule your meetings, your golf game or your lunch. They are not going to do the story tomorrow or the next day. You have one shot. Don’t blow it.

Your Clients and Customers will See it Now
You are a perfect client and you listen to your publicist, re-arrange your schedule and meet with the media. Your interview goes well and before the story even airs, it’s promoted on social media. Your PR team then posts a picture and teaser on all your social media outlets. The reporter and news station re-tweet it and promote it through their own posts.  Boom! Within minutes, your followers will see that you will be on the news.

It all goes back to the one thing that I preach to my clients: if you want media coverage, you have to be available now. Right now.

I’d like to hear what you think…right now.