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I’ve taken a couple weeks off from writing my Friday Favorites and I’m finally back at it. Today, it’s all about my clients.

When I started my own firm I decided that I would only work with people who I truly believe in. I will NEVER help promote a product, person or company that I don’t feel passionate about.

When you meet with someone you either a connection or you don’t. The same applies to business.  I base my decision to work with a client on a lot of factors, but it all comes to down to going with my gut…and it hasn’t let me down. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have the best clients in the world.

Are they nice? Yes. Respectful? Yes. Smart? Yes. But you know what makes them the BEST? They understand Public Relations. Maybe it’s because they realize the value of PR or it’s the constant communication we have, but  my clients are in it 100%

They make their PR campaigns successful by always being available for the press. From 5am interviews to being ready in 45 minutes to speak on camera…they always come through. And because of that, they’ve received great press locally and nationally.

I am not sure where they came from, but all of my clients are spot on with their interviews. They are well prepared, look polished and give great soundbites. The media loves them and so do I.

I really couldn’t be prouder. They make my job extremely easy – and because of them I constantly say that “I love my job.”

Cheers to my clients who have all become great friends.

Have a great weekend!