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Today we’re talking about how to set yourself apart from your competition. Whether you are trying to get new business or working to maintain your existing clients…you need to do what everyone else isn’t. So…we’re going back to basics.

First, pick up the phone. Email and texting are efficient. But, sometimes an actual phone call is not only nice…but you end up learning more about your prospect or existing customer.

Next, write thank you card’s. I’m a huge fan of personalized notes. Everyone sends email. So be different and write something special to your client, prospect or really anyone who you’ve worked with. When I work with a reporter on a story, you can be sure that they’ll get a personalized thank you note in the mail. It really makes a difference.

When you are meeting with your clients, take notes. Do you know when their birthday is? How many kids do they have? What’s their favorite hobby? The more you know about your customers they better relationship you’ll have with them.

Now that you know more about your clients and even prospects, it’s time to put all that information to good use. Be spontaneous. For example, if your customer’s favorite flower is hydrangea’s. Send her a hydrangena’s out of the blue. Or have it delivered for her birthday. Everyone sends Christmas gifts, but they don’t do this. And by the way, my favorite flower is hydrangeas…just in case you’re wondering and would like to send some my way…

As we talked about, it’s all about back to basics and maintaining a solid relationship. If you do this…you will stand apart from your competition. That’s it for today…stay tuned for more video blogs coming up.