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Today we’re talking about how social media and PR work together. Before twitter, facebook and snapchat, the only way to let people know that you and your company were going on to be on the 10 pm news is an email blast or a phone call.

But now, not only do you get to share your new story on social media, but you can pre-promote it and if you’re lucky enough the reporter and photographer will do the same.

Last week, one of our favorite photographers from Fox posted on Instagram that he was at our client’s event. He took a great photo and teased the story and tagged the reporter and station in it. That made our night.

Before the news even aired, the company shared it socially, their marketing and PR firm tweeted it and their employees promoted it as well.

Once the story went live, the sharing, commenting and re-tweeting went on and on.

That my friends is social media and PR working together.