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Today we’re talking about the reality of press coverage

As a former journalist I am going to let you in on some secrets when it comes to pitching your story to the media and getting coverage.

The press doesn’t care about your new product. Sorry, but it’s true. They aren’t advertisers. Don’t pitch your new product to the media- pitch a story to them. For example, if you are sunscreen company who just launched a new line don’t pitch that. Find a skin cancer survivor who uses your product to protect themselves and they tell how important your product it.

Not everything you send to the press is going to get covered. Sometimes, they feel that it is not the right story to happens. Also, there could be breaking news or they’re short staffed. Try not to get frustrated. Keep pitching your stories.

Do your homework. Make sure you know who you’re pitching to. Don’t send a health story to a business editor. That will not go over well.

And pay attention to the news. Don’t send your press release if there is breaking news happening…it could get overlooked or even lost.

And lastly It’s all about relationships and who you know. If you have a publicist, your story has a far better chance of getting coverage.

That’s it for today, stay tuned for more blogs coming up.