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Today we’re talking about looking great for your unplanned media interview. Your PR team has been pitching you as an expert to the media – and one day you get the call that a reporter wants to interview you. This is great news…. but they’ll be at your office in an hour. Not so great news if it’s casual Friday in your office.

So, here’s some tips on how to make you look like you have been ready for days.

In our last video blog we talked about finding the perfect outfit for your scheduled interview. The same applies in this situation. That outfit that’s perfectly tailored and looks great with your skin ton…. keep it in your office. That way you are always ready!

Now for your hair, you obviously can’t run out and get your hair professionally done But, keep a hair dryer and any other products that you normally use in your office with that outfit. That way, you can touch up your hair if you need to.

For your makeup, the same thing applies. Keep all the makeup you would use for a planned interview in a bag in your office. Gentlemen, keep a razor and shaving cream on standby.

And now you’re ready for any type of interview that comes your way.

Stay tuned for more video blogs coming up!