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The sun is shining, the streets are sparkling clean, you can smell the popcorn and cotton candy and you’re greeted by a smiling cast member who says “Welcome to the Magic Kingdom.” Awe…you’ve arrived. You’re at the happiest place on earth. It’s the beginning of the day and the park is surrounded by happy families and smiling children.  What could be better?

Going to Disney World with children is a big deal. The little ones have been thinking about it for months, you’ve been financially planning for it (sometimes for years) and the amount of time you’ve spent researching it should have been a part time job.

I’ve been here before, but this year it was different. As a business owner, I was looking at things a little different. I was paying closer attention to the customer service and the systems in place. The “systems” they have are insane. The customer service is incredible and they really have thought of everything.

Waiting in line for a ride…what’s that? That’s what fast passes are for. If you don’t get a fast pass and want to find out how long the line is – they have an app for that. Want to know if your littlest is tall enough for the ride –  they have an app for that. Need to breastfeed your baby – they have rooms for that. Want to detox your kids from all of the junk food- they have healthier, fun food options. I mean who doesn’t love a Mickey Mouse grilled cheese sandwich?

For a parent, Disney World has anything and everything you need to have a great experience. For a child, it’s a dream come true. Princesses dancing on stage, Jedi training, character breakfasts and the most creative rides.

Now to a part of the day that I actually find a bit funny…the end. As a parent of three, I have figured out that you just have to laugh. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself on board the hot mess express.

Around 4pm, the mood changes….you’ll see passed out little ones in their strollers, crying toddlers, kids dragging their feet, and that look on parents’ faces…it’s priceless. I get it, I’ve been there!  As I walked through the park, all I could think of is: someone needs to videotape this. So many of the families looked the same. They started the day with smiles and ended it exhausted. It’s not a bad thing. It just means that everyone had a blast and made great memories. I just see parents getting frustrated and I want to tell them that it’s okay. You’re kids had fun, they’re tired, and they really didn’t mean to hit their sister. Again, I’ve been there. Here’s how my daughter ended her day…a good time for all!


So to the Disney cast members who keep a smile on their face all day in the heat and have the best manners I’ve ever seen in a business, kudos to you. To those who are in charge of putting the systems in place, great job…you made my experience wonderful.

But after two days at Disney parks, I am ready for a little relaxing time with a Skinny Margarita.

Cheers everyone!