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Today’s Friday Favorites is again slightly different than the norm. It’s not about a business or product…it’s about people. Sometimes it takes a crisis to see the good in the world.

This past week Josh Devine, an Army veteran, went missing in Thailand while on a scuba diving trip with his wife. I’ve been helping Josh’s family get the word out to the media, locally, nationally and internationally. Over the past couple of days I’ve become immersed in the case. How can you not? A man is missing, the incident is suspicious, and his family and friends are struggling to find answers. All that runs through my mind is: how can I help more.

I think it’s just human nature when someone is in trouble or going through a crisis to think ‘what can I do to help.’ Since the news coverage, I’ve seen people from across the world reach out to the family. From sending them frequent flyer miles to donating to their Go Fund Me page, help has been pouring in. Josh’s friends are taking their vacation time to help in the search. These are just some of the ways that people are trying to help find this Army veteran.

Josh’s family is overwhelmed by the generosity and they have told me that they can’t even begin to process it all. Because of people from around the world, Josh’s mom and sister are flying to Thailand this morning.

When you see complete strangers do everything in their power to help a family in need, it really is heartwarming. There is so much negativity in the world. As a former journalist, I’ve seen and covered it all. There is a lot of evil out there. But there is also a lot of good.

Today my friends, we are focusing on the good.  The people who will hire a private investigator for the family. The people who research Thai laws. The people who call political leaders. The people who will spend hours on a boat looking for Josh.  The people who use their skills to help the family. The people who pray for Josh’s safe return. That is what we should focus on. The good.

I challenge you to do at least one act of kindness today. That one act will make a difference in someone’s day and prove that there is more good in the world than evil.

I also ask that you pray for Josh Devine’s safe return.