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Have you ever held back on telling someone something? Maybe you didn’t think it was a good idea or you were afraid of what they thought. Don’t do that. Communication is key in both your personal and professional life. Don’t ever hold back. If you do, you may be miss out on a great opportunity.

“It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.” – John Wooden. That quote has resonated with me in my Public Relations profession. It is truly the little things or ideas that can take your business from small to large.  Us marketing and PR professionals are constantly asking questions of our clients. We need every little bit of information. Don’t be shy. Tell us everything!

It’s Never too Small

I was recently in a meeting with a potential client and they told me about something small that they were doing. When I heard about it I immediately thought, “this is a big story.” To them, it was not a big deal and they weren’t even going to mention it to me. Thank goodness they did. From there, their marketing team and I began brainstorming. We came up with an emotional video, pictures and a great pitch to the media. It will be all over social media, their website and if we play our cards right, in the press.


It is essential that you relay everything to your PR and marketing team. Keep them informed. It is better that they know everything, than the other way around. Every little detail, event, promotion, awards, hirings, firings etc. is important when it comes to communication with the public. PR folks live and breathe news.  We’re constantly looking at different angles and how we can pitch you to the media. What you think is not newsworthy, may in fact be. Again, remember the smallest idea can turn into something really big.  Additionally, you need to respond when you receive messages from your agency. News happens on a deadline, so quick and effective communication is essential.


Be a Partner

Consider your relationship with your marketing and PR team a partnership. If you’re working with a firm, it’s even more critical that you think like this. Remember, they are not in the office with you on a daily basis. You need to keep them in the loop as if they had a desk right next to you. You also need to provide them with feedback. You give you employees positive and negative evaluations, and your agency is no different. If you are not satisfied or something needs to be changed, you need to tell the them…speak up!  They need to know.

Your marketing and PR team are excellent communicators. With them by your side, you have the opportunity to receive great media attention about your company.  Just make sure you put forth the effort to communicate and you’ll have a successful partnership.

Have you ever hesitated on telling your communication team something? We would love to hear. Share your stories with us!