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When I was 9 years old I decided that I was going to be a television reporter. Thanks to the guidance of Brenda Garton, I did just that. I was always fascinated by not only telling a story, but showing it. It wasn’t about me being on camera, it was all about the video, the images…what the viewers saw. Video combined with great sound bites takes the news or a specific message to a whole new level.

Fast forward 10 years into my Public Relations career, and I continue to believe that video is one of the most powerful tools to get your message across. An effective marketing and PR campaign that includes video and social media will separate your business in a cluttered market.

Beyond the Press Release
Press releases are great, but imagine if you have a powerful video to go along with your public relations campaign. For example, your company sells sunscreen…wouldn’t it be powerful if you feature the people affected by skin cancer? Picture a video that tells their stories. Now you’re creating an emotional and engaging story. It’s not about your product, it is about why people need to use sunscreen. It’s about your product saving lives.

The press can’t and won’t cover every story that you pitch. But, you will a better chance of getting television coverage, if you provide them with video. If your company has a grand opening or event, take video of it!  Spend a couple of minutes getting wide and tight shots, do an interview with the owner, edit the b-roll and the interview (keep the sound-bite short), write a quick story and send it to the television stations. This won’t guarantee that you get on the 11pm news, but it definitely helps.

The Numbers Don’t Lie
Here’s some food for thought. According to comScore100 million people each day watch online videos.  The report shows that 90% of online shoppers at a major retailer’s website said they find video helpful in their purchasing decisions.

Digital Content Next reports that 80% of Internet users recall watching a video ad on a website they have visited in the past 30 days. Of that 80%, 46% took some action after viewing the ad.

Simple, but Engaging
Your videos don’t have to be a huge $100,000 2-day shoot. I’m talking about client testimonials, how-to tutorials, fitness demos, product reviews, and out-of-the box marketing campaign or video blogs.  When creating a PR campaign, we work with the Silent Partner Marketing to produce an engaging, creative and effective videos. There is nothing ordinary about their videos and that’s why our clients love them! Click here to see some of their stellar work.          .

Video Blogs
I’m a huge advocate of blogging and even bigger supporter of video blogging. I finally started practicing what I preach, and began working on my own video blogs….coming soon. I highly recommend that you start thinking about doing it too. Keep your video to a minute or less, keep it simple, have fun with it and don’t be too critical of yourself.

Make your PR and marketing stand out by incorporating video. From fun to educational, if it’s well produced, shot and edited, you will take your business to the next level.