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Follow your dreams. and never give up, they are such cliche statements, but boy are they true.

Here I am, a 38 year old wife, mother of three amazing children and now business owner. To be honest, it’s scary as hell, but life would be pretty boring if it was easy. As I sit here writing my first blog for my business I think about the advice many people have given me along my career journey. My mentors are what made me what I am today.

When I was 9 years old, I wanted to be a television reporter. I met Brenda Garton, a news anchor at WWLP in Springfield, MA. She became my mentor, giving me advice in school, college and after.  When I graduated college, I was fortunate to get a producer job at her station. How cool was it that I got to work with my career idol! She had faith in me and showed me the ropes in my first news job.  She taught me to follow my dreams and reminded me that to succeed in the news business you have to work hard, real hard.

Brenda Garton, Western New England University

As I advanced my career in the news industry, my news director at WPRI in Providence, Rhode Island took a chance on me. Gary Brown molded me into a large market reporter. Never before did a boss take the time to sit down with me and critique my reporting. The good and the bad. I learned so much from Gary in such a short time. He taught me that I was not just getting the facts and reporting the news, but I was a storyteller. No longer did I get nervous during live shots or breaking news. I finally had the confidence to be the news reporter I always wanted to be. Because of Gary, I have contemplated getting back into the news business many times. Who knows, maybe I will someday?  He gave me an opportunity of a lifetime and I am forever grateful.

Gary Brown, Napoli Management Group

When I decided to have more of a “normal” life, I had the wonderful opportunity to work under the guidance of Michelle Abdow, owner of Market Mentors.  Never working at a marketing firm before I had a LOT to learn. And boy, did I learn! From writing commercials to planning grand opening events, we did it all.  I can honestly say, her office was the best. Creative minds need an outlet and humor was ours. From our creative holiday videos to launching fruit cakes off the roof. We let loose and had many laughs. Besides the laughs, Michelle taught me to be a stronger person, both personally and professionally. I learned so much under her guidance and I truly believe I would not own my business if it wasn’t for her.

Michelle Abdow, Owner of Market Mentors, LLC

So, here I am. A business owner, doing what I love…public relations. It took me a while to get here, but all of my jobs have given me the skills I needed to get here. To Brenda, Gary and Michelle…I am so grateful for everything you taught me. Strength.Confidence.Humor. With those qualities,  I have created my dream job.

Thank you!