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I hate the gym, yes I know that’s a strong word. But the thought of being on a cross trainer for 45 minutes is like walking on nails for me. I’m the type of person who will stop half way through. The only way that I’m successful at working out is when I’m with a trainer or in a group fitness class. I need to be pushed. I need motivation. I need a group of people around me. I need to be held accountable.

That’s were publicists and personal trainers are a lot alike. Personal trainers push you, motivate you and come up with unique exercises. Publicists do the same. We make you think outside the box. We push you outside your comfort zone, like talking about yourself on blogs and doing television interviews. We’re constantly asking you what’s new. We work with you to create different angles to your story…a story that the public and the press want to hear about. 

Trainers, like our friends at Active Lifestyle Fitness will hold you accountable for what you eat, give meal ideas and create exercises that work for you. When you workout in a small group or with a trainer you invest in your body. When you work with a publicist, you invest in your business.

Many business owners are too busy to think about public relations. Some think that by sending out a press release the news will automatically cover it and they’ll get new customers. That would be great, but for many, that’s not the case. Just like you can’t go to the gym once in a while and expect to see immediate results.  It’s all about consistency. Publicists are there with a plan to make sure you stay on task and the public knows about you.  They’re also there in times of crisis. Should something negative happen with your business, they help prevent things from snowballing out of control. Just like trainers show you the proper way to exercise. They correct bad form, before you get hurt.

If you don’t have someone constantly thinking about your public relations, who is doing it? Are you? Who’s pushing you? Who’s holding you accountable? Don’t just be on the cross trainer hoping to see results.They aren’t going to come without help. Because if you are like me, you need that extra push. Hire a publicist who’s going to motivate you,  help you grow and achieve success.