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Ever send out a press release and never hear from the press? Yeah, it happens and you can’t blame them. Their email’s are flooded daily with press releases, story pitches, media advisory’s…you name it. But, say one day they do pick up your story and want to interview you, that’s great! So they call you to set up an interview, but you have a lunch appointment or a staff meeting at that time. One piece of advice, re-arrange your schedule, make that interview happen!  I have known people who declined interviews because they had plans during that time.  Listen, this is your one opportunity to be interviewed, don’t blow it. No, they can’t come back tomorrow or next week.  They want to do the story that day and it will most likely run in their 5-6pm newscast.  The press can Not and will Not wait. If you can’t make it, they will move on to someone else who can. A great example of making things happen is when CBS 3 Springfield wanted to interview Stevens Diamond Jewelers the day before Valentine’s Day. In the jewelry industry, V-Day is one of their busiest, but the manager figured out a way to be available for the press. Great job!

Jay Picard, Stevens Diamond Jewelers

Another example is when ABC40 was doing a series on preventing the flu and I had pitched Dr. Yanni as an angle for that story.  It was her day off  when the media called, but without hesitation, she did the interview. Now, that is what a publicist loves!  I know that it may seem inconvenient to change your meeting or get up at the crack of dawn to be interviewed. But, this is what you have to do if you want to get press coverage and establish a relationship with reporters and producers. Plus, if you’re always available, chances are when they need an expert in your industry to interview, they’ll think of you!

Dr. Janice Yanni, Yanni Family Orthodontics