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It was 11:30 at night and I just got home from my weekly segment on Newsmax TV in New York City. It’s a 2-hour train ride and another hour in the car to make it back to Western Massachusetts. I do this trip almost every Wednesday.

Do I get paid for it? No. Do I get paid to be on other news outlets? No. Do I have a hairstylist, makeup and wardrobe? No. Do I get paid to write articles? No.

You may be wondering why do I all of this? I’m a single mom of three girls, a business owner and soon to be a fill-in morning news anchor on Western Mass News. You would think that I have enough on my plate. Nah, there’s always room for more! Here’s why you should say yes to opportunities that come your way.

Know Your Reason

I do it because I absolutely love it, but it’s also about the journey. You can’t just snap your fingers and be where you want to be.  What many people, especially younger folks (ugh I can't believe that I just went there), think is that it’s all about the dollar. Getting to the place you want to be and make the kind of money you desire takes time and a lot of hard work. 

This opportunity to be on the news and write articles builds my personal brand and business.  Doing these types of media appearances and articles are extremely important when it comes to raising awareness. It’s how you stand out.

Put in the Work

If you want press attention it’s going to be a lot of work.  You may have to do an interview on a Saturday morning or wake up at 2 am. You will have to put work and family aside to be interviewed or write an article. And no, you don’t get paid by the media to appear on the news, but the press coverage is well worth it. 

Say Yes

We all have goals and we must be willing to do what it takes to achieve them. For me, I have goals to continue contributing on the news and eventually have my own show on the network. In order to get there, I must do all of these things. I must say yes to every opportunity and stop being scared.

I’m sure there are times that you don’t want to do something because you are scared or tired.  But when things make you scared that is when you should say yes to them. Stop letting fear dictate your life and seize the opportunities that will help you advance. Just say yes!

Owning a business is a challenge, but taking the time to market your own business is a challenge in itself.

I get it. You’re busy with clients, employees, and day-to-day tasks. But, it’s critical that you dedicate a certain amount of time to provide your customers and followers valuable content, which in turn will help market your brand and business.

Content is King

Take a few hours and write down what type of content you can provide. By content - I mean blogs, video blogs, Facebook Lives, Instagram Lives and podcasts.

Next, look at your list of topics and make sure that what you are sharing is important to your readers. Mary Hawkins, Senior Editor, Entertainment & Special Projects at Café Mom, says that her number one piece of advice for people writing content is to always write with a purpose. “Ask yourself does your content offer the reader some sort of takeaway? Does it spark emotion or make them react? Is this something that I would read and feel compelled to share with others?” says Hawkins. She says that she always has writers ask themselves those questions before any piece of content goes live.

Just Do It

Once you have the list, create a calendar and a to-do list. And most importantly hold yourself accountable. Carve out a few hours a week that you will focus on this. If you don’t have time to do it, have someone internally handle it or outsource the work.

When you’re writing a blog be sure that you have the appropriate keywords in your article and meta tags on the back end of your website. 

The main goal is to have the appropriate keywords in your introduction, title and throughout the article that Google will like. For example, if you are writing about a construction project, you will want to make sure that the keywords reflect what you are really writing about. The same applies to the meta tags. Google uses meta tags to place your content in the appropriate searches.

Here’s How to Do It

Here’s an example. Let’s say that you are a chef. You can write a blog about using local ingredients in your latest recipe. You will then put that on Facebook and direct people to your website. Next, you film a video of you making the recipe. While filming it, you shoot an Instagram and Facebook Live talking about the recipe and encourage people to stay tuned for the full video. You can also host a live event where you encourage followers to ask cooking questions.

After that, you post the video on social media and tease them with your next one. That one small blog can morph into so many pieces of content on multiple different platforms.

Engage With Your Audience

Of course, we want the readers to be so enthralled with our content that they either use our services or buy our product. But, you must be careful to not sell to the reader. You want to have conversations with them. Ask them what they want. Encourage them to share their advice, stories…etc. You want them to feel like an extension of your brand and let them know that their opinion matters.

Ask the Experts

A great way to give your audience valuable information is to include other experts in your blogs and video blogs. Team up with other business owners and leaders in the community to share their insight. Not only does it add more credibility to your content, but it helps them with their business. Plus, they will share out your content too!

Have Fun

Have fun with this. Sharing your knowledge through writing and videos is not meant to be as serious as many people think that it is. Let your personality shine and be yourself. The more you are authentic, the more your followers will connect with you.

Share Your Success

I’d love to hear what you are doing to get your message out. What’s working for you? What’s putting your company above the competition? Share your thoughts and I’ll post them on our social media!

I hated being a boss. In fact, I was not a good one. The problem... I was too nice. I didn’t want to be perceived as a bitch or hurt anyone’s feelings. Clearly that didn’t work out too well. I was taken advantage of and took on much of the workload because I didn’t manage correctly.

I’m not the only one that this has happened to. Even though there are more women than ever taking on positions of authority and leading teams, there is still an unspoken fear among many. They are worried that their confidence and management style will come off as bitchy and cold.

Fast-forward to where I am now and things have changed dramatically. I have learned from my mistakes. After a lot of reading from women in high power positions, I have learned how become a boss without being a bitch. Here’s how you can too.

Keep Emotions Out of the Office

Many women are emotional and that’s okay. But, we need to “Manage our emotions as well as we manage our staff, says Caitlin Friedman, author of The Girl’s Guide to Being a Boss (Without Being a Bitch). We can’t let them see us sweat. If we show our emotions, the staff will be stressed and our level of respect will dwindle.

Don’t let your emotions get in the way of making smart decisions. We obviously don’t want to upset our employees, but we need to address situations before they get out of hand. Remember, it’s your business and you have to do what is right for you.

When addressing a situation, always be calm and start off on a positive note. Use constructive feedback, state your case of concern and ask them if they understand or have any questions.

Be Fair

This is the number one piece of advice that I can offer. If you want respect, then you must be fair. Treat everyone equally and with respect, and in time, it’s likely they’ll return the favor. Don’t ever let your position of power go to your head.

Set Your Expectations and Be Real

Your employees can’t read your mind, so you must tell them what you expect of them. Set the tone and clarify your expectations. Most bosses will have high aspirations and you need to express that you want your employees to rise to meet your expectations. With that said, if an employee ever has a problem, they need to know that they can come to you. An open door policy is one of your strongest allies.

Don’t try to be someone you are not. If you are nice, then be nice, but just make sure that you have established a level of respect. Don’t manage based on fear. Manage on expectations. Manage to get results.


You must listen and support your employees. This is critical. Your employees must know that you care about them professionally and personally. As a boss, you should know their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the type of environment that makes them the most productive. Personally, you don’t need to be their best friend, but you should have a pulse on the basic elements of their non-work life. Make it a point to check in with them on a regular basis.

This Isn’t High School

Don’t ever talk negatively about an employee to another employee. This is business between you and that staff member. Don’t start rumors or reveal to your employees that there are individual problems or issues within the office. If you act in this manner, your employees will lose respect for you and you will become that “bitch”.

Stop Saying Sorry

I dare you to count how many times women say sorry. I’m guilty of it, but I’m working it. Apologize when needed, but not for everything under the sun. It makes you look weak and less confident.

Confidence is Sexy

Confidence will yield respect. The more confidence you have, the more employees will respect you. The more confidence you have, the easier it is to land the clients you are striving to attain. Girl, just own it!

Find a Mentor

Being a boss is difficult and stressful. You are not alone. Connect with another person in your position. They will become a sounding board and someone to lean on. You would be amazed at the advice that they can give you. They are the only ones who will understand what you are going through and will give you real advice. I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for my mentor. I owe so much to them.

Bosses have an extreme amount of pressure. It is a challenging, but rewarding job. Learn from your failures and always get right back up. Remember, if you are a good and fair boss, you are not a bitch. Just don’t ever let anyone walk all over you.

Alison Maloni is a media expert, speaker and owner of Alison May Public Relations. The former journalist is also a moderator and keynote speaker on storytelling, reputation management, social media and crisis communications. The mom of three is also a contributing writer for Thrive Global. You can find Alison on TwitterFacebookInstagram, and on Snapchat @AlisonMayPR.