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Today’s Friday Favorites is all about music. I love music. I listen to it while I work, cook, clean and workout. There is something about music that lets you escape the stress of everyday life.

Communicating with your Public Relations team is critical. We need to know everything…from promotions and new products to hirings and firings. What you make think is a small story, may turn out to be a huge pitch to the media. So, make sure that you constantly update your marketing and PR team.

We are huge believers in incorporating video into our client’s marketing and public relations plan. Video tells a story, creates emotion and is engaging. We are so excited to have this new studio space to shoot our client’s videos. We are creating videos that will take their public relations plan to the next level. In addition to the new studio, we shoot high definition videos on location. Our partners at The Silent Partner Marketing can and will shoot anywhere! Stay tuned for pictures and video of the new space on Monday!