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  • Goal Setting: Get Yourself on Track

    It’s been almost three months since New Year’s Day. Did you make a resolution? Have you kept it? According to Forbes, only about 8% of people keep their resolutions. I say forget resolutions. Make goals…realistic, achievable goals.

  • Let it Go: Tips for Overwhelmed Business Owners

    Let’s face it, many business owners are Type A personalities. I’m one of them and that carries over to every aspect of my life. We all have one major problem: letting others take over our projects. But, how many of you “control freaks” are feeling overwhelmed in your job? Your responsibilities continue to grow, lists get longer and frankly there’s just not enough time do everything.

  • Women’s Prospect Magazine: Why Every Career Woman Should Read it

    There has been a lot of great things happening here at Alison May Public Relations.  Over the next couple of months we will be unveiling some new and exciting projects that we are working on, so stay tuned!

  • Work/Life Balance for Business Owners: Tips to Achieving it?

    A recent study came out that more children will come down with anxiety issues and act out due to their parents being on smart phones. Great.

  • Working While on Vacation: Can You Unplug?

    How many of you work while you are on vacation? Even if it’s for an hour a day? Does your “out of office” email reply mean nothing in your world or do you even put it on?