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  • Ten Things a Boy Should Know Before Dating My Daughter

    I think about the moment that my daughters begin to date. Wow, I can’t believe that I wrote “my daughters and dating” in the same sentence! As much as I try to keep my babies young, they will eventually date a boy. Yikes!

    Believe it or not, I’m so excited for my daughter's date. I can’t wait for them to feel butterflies in their stomach and fall in love. But at the same time, I want to shield them from the pain that comes along with breakups and everything else that happens in the complicated world of dating.

    I know that they will have broken hearts. I know that they will fall in love with a boy who does not love them back. And I know that they will break a ton of hearts.

    They say that respect is gone and boys don’t treat girl’s as they should. Well, for any boy dating my daughter's they will expect you to do the following ten things. I have taught them to expect nothing less. So boys - take note. 

    • Always open the car door for her. From your first date to your last day on earth, you always open the door for a lady.
    • Tell her that she is beautiful often, especially when she has no makeup on and is in sweatpants.
    • When you get yourself a drink or something to eat, make sure you always ask her if she wants something.
    • Leave her random notes expressing your love for her.
    • Listen to her. When you ask her what is wrong, chances are that there is something wrong. Believe me.
    • Support her emotionally. She needs you to believe in her and her dreams. Be her biggest cheerleader.
    • When you are out with your friends, always call her when you get home. She will worry.
    • When she is sick, take care of her.
    • Make her feel like she is the only girl in the room.
    • Respect her and her family.

    I hope and pray that families are teaching their sons about how to treat a young lady. I also hope that these parents are leading by example. Children mimic their parents and do what they see in their household. If you as a husband are doing these things, chances are that your son will too. 

    As for my daughter's dating, I have some time before it begins. (Thank God!)

    But one final note to any boy interested in dating my daughters, I have trained with Navy Seals and can shoot and a variety of guns. I'm looking forward to meeting you!