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It is extremely difficult to cut through the noise. Businesses, brands and public figures are desperately trying to stand out, be seen and be heard. So how do they do that?

One word - storytelling.

But storytelling is not as easy as it sounds. The businesses and brands must connect with their audience, which leads to actionable steps. They must have an inspirational story that peaks the interests of the media. So how do they do that?

That’s where Alison comes in. Alison explains to her audience how to effectively tell a story that will have the media excited to share their story and coming back for more.

Alison, a public relations expert speaks to audiences across the country on the art of storytelling and how to generate media exposure. Alison provides her audience with a powerful message and gives them the tools they need to garner the press coverage they deserve.

The former journalist also moderates debates between key political figures such as Karl Rove, Jim Messina and Howard Dean. A political junkie, journalist and public relations expert, Alison has the experience and whit to handle any debate that comes her way.

To book Alison to speak at your conference please contact Jenna Jorge at Goodman Speakers. 860.687.1116 or