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At Alison May Public Relations we are committed to sharing our expertise to help you achieve your communication goals. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, startup, small business, or just looking to up your media skills, these workshops will help you gain a better understanding of public relations and learn how to do it yourself.

You'll learn how to develop a PR strategy that actually returns value for your business, you’ll find the most enticing stories for the journalists and how to build relationships with them.

We offer custom on-site and off-site public relations, media training, and social media workshops for businesses seeking to learn how to gain media attention, enhance existing skills, and develop more effective communications outcomes.

Media Training
This course gives you the tools to handle a taped or live media interview. You will learn how to convey your key points quickly and stay on message even under fire. We will conduct training in voice speech, content development and storytelling. Attendees will learn how to deliver the message, bridging, avoiding negative traps and integrating quotable sound bites. We will film and playback interviews for critiquing and guide attendees on how to deliver the message confidently.

How to Get Media Attention
In this course, you will learn how to find, craft and sell newsworthy topics to the media. We will teach you how the media works, why things get covered, how to branch out to get multiple points of coverage and how to think creatively to gain PR opportunities. You will also learn how to build a strategic PR campaign to include other buzz-worthy efforts like events and partnership opportunities with social media influencers. You will walk away with tools on how to become a go-to source for reporters covering your industry, learn how to write a press release that actually gets attention, create the perfect pitch and maximize your press coverage.

Using Social Media to Build a Brand and Following
Trying to understand social media? Can’t keep up with the changes and algorithms? Social media is crucial for your brand, but you must be using it effectively to generate an engaging audience and following. This workshop gives you the knowledge of social media channels and how you can build brand awareness and attract new customers. Receive hands-on training on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. Learn the social media do’s and don’ts and how to create a consistent brand message.

Crisis Planning
Any business, no matter what size is susceptible to a crisis. The key to handling any crisis is to have a plan in place. This seminar will equip you on how to better handle any crisis. We will guide you through two crisis scenarios ripped from today's headlines. You'll gain the real-life experience you need to manage any crisis, because nothing prepares you for worst-case scenarios better than confronting those from the real world. You will walk away knowing how to create internal and external messaging. Understand the first three steps to take for any crisis. Feel confident in your crisis communications leadership and teambuilding skills. And build a crisis communications plan that can respond to any worst-case scenario

First Responder Media Training
This session is designed to provide first responders to tools they need to effectively communicate with the media during emergency situations. This training provides first responders with a game plan on what to say or not say and what to do and not do until the primary spokesperson arrives. The training includes: What to expect or persistent reporters. How to politely decline an interview. And how to effectively communicate with the media.