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Public relations is all about storytelling. Everyone has a story and that’s what journalist’s and the public cares about. Your unique story is what sets you apart from your competition.  Public relations is not only about media exposure – it’s about how the public perceives you. That’s where we come in.

So What Do We Do?

We start with a strategic public relations plan based on your goals, objectives, message and your target market. We implement that plan through traditional and new media outlets to get your message seen and heard.

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Local and National Outreach

Alison May Public Relations has spent years establishing relationships with journalists around the world. We have access to reporters and producers in every market and industry and will get your message pitched to the proper media outlets.

Crisis Planning

Every business should have a crisis plan. Whether you are a company of 1 or 1,000…a crisis plan is essential. News travels fast. Bad news travels even faster. We create a strategic crisis plans that cover everything from internal processes to media statements. If you do not have a plan in place, we highly recommend that you begin working.

Media Training

Speaking on live television or to a journalist can be overwhelming and terrifying for many people. Knowing how to present yourself on camera and what to say is imperative. As former journalists we know what the media is going to ask and how they will conduct the interviews. We put you through an intense workshop of on-camera interviews, critique your presence on camera, answers to the questions and will train you how to be a professional for your next media interview.